RNB Lab.
The "Robotics Laboratory" has been established almost at the same time of the opening of POSTECH with the immediate mission to the automation of "Pohang Steel Company(POSCO)" in addition to the basic research. At the beginning, the Robotics Laboratory consists of the basic research team, mainly graduate students and applied research team with RIST research staffs

The first project was to develop the "7-DOF Direct Drive Arm". This project was carried out in conjunction to Carnegie Mellon University. This robot was the first attempt to develop from the design to fabrication ever did in Korea with our own effort and manufacturing by the POSCO machining department.

Soon applied research such as "Automated Temperature Measuring System of the Ladle", "Heavy Payload Handling Robot", Chimney Cleaning Robot etc. were carried out successfully and contributed a great deal for the POSCO automation lines. Basic research includes ROBOT HANDS, DD-ARMS, MOBILE ROBOT, TELE-OPERATION SYSTEMS, etc. and especially, we are specialized in the theoretical area of redundant manipulators and their control schemes.

The Laboratory changed its name to Robotics and Bio-mechatronics Laboratory in 1994 and added research in the area of rehabilitation and biomemic engineering. The projects includes Fish robot, Developing Intelligent Dummy, Drive-by-Wire for the automobile and Autonomous Driving System for the handicapped person.

After professor Youngil Youm was retired in 2007, professor Wan Kyun Chung is leading the research for mobile robot, underwater robot and haptic interface/tele-operating system. Especially we have funded National Research Laboratory(NRL) Program in 2003 with mobile robot research. We received many awards on mobile robotics area, including 'Best student paper in ICRA, 2003', Samsung HumanTech Paper Award etc.

Our staff consists of 1 professor, 1 research assistant professor, 10 Ph.D students, 4 master students. Till now, 21 doctors and 44 masters received their degrees and they are working very hard in university, research institutes and companies to make the dream come true.

Laboratory address: KIRO 410, San 31, Hyojadong, Pohang 790-784, KOREA
Phone: 82-54-279-2842


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연구실 주소: 경상북도 포항시 남구 효자동 산 31 한국로봇융합연구원 410호
전화번호: 054-279-2842